Monday, 10 August 2015

My biggest lessons from travelling: home is where the heart is?

I think what I have learnt recently is that home is not a place, see home to me is a concept. It's a feeling of security, it's a hug that feels like all your broken pieces are being put back together. See home is a smell that reminds you of a perfect memory that you don't wish to relive as it could never be that perfect again. It's your favourite drink, a drink that you could have anywhere in the  world but still feel like your by the fire at a small village pub. It's a song that you hear and when you close your eyes your 17 and dancing at a grotty club with your three best-friends. It's people, it's the people you call when you have had a shit day at work or feel like giving up, but it's also the people who your ring when you passed a test or the people you send funny videos to or you tell all your teenage drama too. It's people that just text once a week or even once a year. It's a cuddle in bed on a Sunday night in clean bedding after the most relaxing bath. Home is the feeling of your best-friends hand on your leg on what feels like the longest train ride of your life. It's the ache of your face after laughing to hard, or the glass of water someone puts on your bedside for when you wake up with the worlds worst hangover. Home is learning a new skill and perfecting it and then teaching someone else. I don't know if you can ever find home, but you will always feel it. See homesickness isn't the longing for a house, you don't care about the bricks that hold up the structure or even the windows that look out over the garden. You don't miss the decor, or even your God damn bed (however comfy it may be).You miss the sound of laughter that rings through them walls, and the photos strategically placed to remind you of holidays and places  that opened your mind to better things.

So here's the thing, I think home as a place is so over rated, I'm extremely lucky that I don't get homesick, but still materialisms aren't necessary to make a home. I have known for a long time that I won't live in the same place for the rest of my life, I'm going to travel from place to place and in each town, country, continent I will set up a new 'home' and I will take each home to the next home. You see  them four walls with its constricting  roof is not important but the memories I make, the things I learn, the people I meet, the foods I eat, the way I feel that's all very important it crucial perhaps because that's what makes up my home, and you know what they say 'home is where the heart is'

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