Monday, 10 August 2015

My biggest lessons from travelling: home is where the heart is?

I think what I have learnt recently is that home is not a place, see home to me is a concept. It's a feeling of security, it's a hug that feels like all your broken pieces are being put back together. See home is a smell that reminds you of a perfect memory that you don't wish to relive as it could never be that perfect again. It's your favourite drink, a drink that you could have anywhere in the  world but still feel like your by the fire at a small village pub. It's a song that you hear and when you close your eyes your 17 and dancing at a grotty club with your three best-friends. It's people, it's the people you call when you have had a shit day at work or feel like giving up, but it's also the people who your ring when you passed a test or the people you send funny videos to or you tell all your teenage drama too. It's people that just text once a week or even once a year. It's a cuddle in bed on a Sunday night in clean bedding after the most relaxing bath. Home is the feeling of your best-friends hand on your leg on what feels like the longest train ride of your life. It's the ache of your face after laughing to hard, or the glass of water someone puts on your bedside for when you wake up with the worlds worst hangover. Home is learning a new skill and perfecting it and then teaching someone else. I don't know if you can ever find home, but you will always feel it. See homesickness isn't the longing for a house, you don't care about the bricks that hold up the structure or even the windows that look out over the garden. You don't miss the decor, or even your God damn bed (however comfy it may be).You miss the sound of laughter that rings through them walls, and the photos strategically placed to remind you of holidays and places  that opened your mind to better things.

So here's the thing, I think home as a place is so over rated, I'm extremely lucky that I don't get homesick, but still materialisms aren't necessary to make a home. I have known for a long time that I won't live in the same place for the rest of my life, I'm going to travel from place to place and in each town, country, continent I will set up a new 'home' and I will take each home to the next home. You see  them four walls with its constricting  roof is not important but the memories I make, the things I learn, the people I meet, the foods I eat, the way I feel that's all very important it crucial perhaps because that's what makes up my home, and you know what they say 'home is where the heart is'

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The General election; a tale of two worlds.

So after the general election I took to Facebook to post this status; 

'Good luck to every nurse, student, family with more than two children, working person, and doctor. Good luck to the homeless, the poor, the Middle class, the lower class, the working class, to anyone on exploitative zero hours contracts or people currently searching for a job or looking to get on the property ladder these next five years are going to be ones of great sadness and hardship; as yet again a leader has been voted in not for the working people of Britain but for a rich minority, a prime minster in the last five years who has done nothing but raise tuition fees and stand in a one direction

And I also read status that read ' Go David!' 'finally a Prime Minister that will cut the deficit and cut the debt' 

However, these are not the status and tweets that really pissed me of. It was a few days later after
every true left wing had petitioned, tweeted and debated about the outcome of the debate and also the voting system (which obviously needs a complete reform). 

The status that really really really infuriated me was one that read 'I don't know why you labour supports are still moaning about the election results, theres nothing you can do about it now' There was then a  follow up blog post  called 'why you lefties are such bad losers' which went on and on about how we shouldn't protest and why we were so disgusting for graffiting a war memorial and that basically we should just let the tories ruin England because some rich tossers voted for  them. 

So let me tell you right now; this isn't the final of the X-factor or the FA cup final its something much  more fucking important than that, this  is the election this  is  whose in power, who controls our country for the next five years. This is a choice that could break this country and you wonder why we 'lefties' continue to go on about it? Its because we will not stand back and watch a rich  man in a very expensive suit take away our NHS or our human rights, its because we will not let our degrees cost more but  become worth less. its because we will not allow a democratic system that is not fair and doesn't actually display the ideas of the  public. We will not let the benefits be slashed so that the bankers can get bonuses and we will not let a man who's biggest accolade is standing in a one direction video run our Great country. 

As a 'sore-loser leftie' I have been taught that you fight for what you believe in and if they wont listen to your facebook statuses and tweets then you fight a little harder and you march in the streets and you scream as loud as you can!! because these fucking sore loser lefties stand up for those who cannot  stand up for themselves, we will not be silenced by bald racist men in suits and we defiantly wont be told that our voice no longer matters just because one election didn't go in our favour. 

So maybe that's the difference between the left and the right. Maybe the right may have just let it be, and walked away from the election with there head held high but still doing there back door deals. But us lefties we will not be silenced even if that does make us bad losers. But i would much rather be a bad loser than have a bad leader in charge of this country. 

‪Mollie (a leftie) 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Weight Loss. The Very Beginning.

It was only Three weeks ago that I choose I was finally ready to get fit. There were many contributing factors to this decision:
1. Summer is looming: I know its cliché but i realised that this summer is going to be one that changes me as a person, as I start my travelling journey with my Best-friend. I realised that I wanted to be fit and healthy in order to be able to do everything I want to do; go biking in the mountains, run along the beach and  spend all day walking around museums and  tourist attractions this will all be done in the sweltering heat, so i needed to be ready for that and as it stood I defiantly wasn't. So in order to be ready to change mentally and spiritually I needed a physical difference.
2. I want to look good: I Love fashion and style and Beauty and everything in between; being fat limits your choice; there are very few retail stores that provide good quality and fashionable clothing for bigger teenagers, so instead of complaining and letting my style suffer, I decide I would change.
3. Health: Its so easy to pretend that your fine when your avoiding mirrors or getting naked but what wont lie is your ability to climb stairs or walk to work. It is when simple things like this start to become effected that you know its time to make a change.
4. Happiness: I don't really mind being fat at all, i don't even care about other peoples comments or views, but the fatter you get the more you withdraw yourself from society. When I started at Uni I wanted to join the netball team but I couldn't; not because of my ability but because i was frustrated with myself at the fact that I wouldn't be able to play to a standard that I Could if I was a few stone lighter. That then inhibited my happiness it meant no netball socials or no knew friends. In the last few months I have stopped looking in the mirror, stopped getting naked and stopped wearing clothes that I want and that makes me so sad, sad that i let myself do that to me and sad that it could have been stopped.

So after making this decision, I made a few goals. (This is a great way to motivate yourself, make them about physical, mental and social aspects of your life and not just based on numbers)

1. Lose 3 stone by June 14th: I leave for my trip across Europe on this day, therefore its motivation to get fit for a specific event.
2. Be Fit enough to join the netball team next year.
3. Be Confident enough to wear no tights: This is a big thing for me I HATE my legs and the thought of not wearing tights makes me feel physically sick.
4. Swim twice a week
5. Eat Fruit and Veg everyday: Believe me when your a UNI student its the last thing on your mind and therefore thinking about what I eat is important, so setting a smalll task like this really reminds me.

It is important that you set yourself mini targets as well as big targets this will make you more motivated. So before I began my weight loss journey I asked myself Why i was doing it? and what I wanted to Achieve?

In my next post i will let you know how i Dropped 8 pounds (over half a stone) in  a week.

I would love it if anyone has cool, different or exciting weightloss tips that I coould try out.

M xx